Groupe Gorgé is selected as one of the winners of the call for projects “supporting investment in the aeronautics sector”

Published on February 22, 2021 – News

Groupe Gorgé, through its subsidiary ECA Group, has been selected by the government as

one of the winners of the call for projects « supporting investment in the aeronautics sector »

and has obtained a €3.4 million subsidy for its aerospace division. This support is part of the

« France Relance » program of €100 billion announced by the French government.

The New world project, to which these funds are dedicated, represents €8.2 million of

investments over 2021-2024. It aims at developing a new range of emergency locator

transmitters for aircrafts, new EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) targeting multiple

markets and more connected, as well as the development and adaptation of the associated

services such as the possibility to rent the equipment instead of buying it, after-sales services,

training or maintenance. The social benefits of this project represent 75 direct jobs, saved or