Press releases

3D Printing: Groupe Gorgé announces the sale of its first machine in South Korea

Strong improvement in 2013 Group’s results: Current operating income +67%

Groupe Gorgé meets eligibility criteria for PEA-PME French savings account and enters the CAC PME index on 1 April

Gorgé Group announces several commercial successes in the safety sector

Group Gorgé wishes to accelerate its growth and make several acquisitions

2013 Annual Revenue: €214.5 M (+2.9%)

Groupe Gorgé announces a new success for Prodways in 3D printing

ECA, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, announces an order of dronization for the Australian Navy

ECA, subsidiary of Group Gorgé, signs a Memorandum of Understanding in Russia for underwater robotics

Groupe Gorgé announces the business strategy of its subsidiary Prodways and gives an outlook for 3D printing