Press releases

2013 Annual Revenue: €214.5 M (+2.9%)

Groupe Gorgé announces a new success for Prodways in 3D printing

ECA, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, announces an order of dronization for the Australian Navy

ECA, subsidiary of Group Gorgé, signs a Memorandum of Understanding in Russia for underwater robotics

Groupe Gorgé announces the business strategy of its subsidiary Prodways and gives an outlook for 3D printing

Groupe Gorgé is launching an ADR program in the United States

ECA, subsidiary of GROUPE GORGÉ, announces a major international order for land-based defence simulators

Information relating to the total voting rights ans shares composing the share capital of Groupe Gorgé

Buying and selling of treasury shares in the framework of the liquidity contract

Information on Groupe Gorge’s exchange on OTC market (US)